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About Us

Founded in August 2004, we use an extremely systematic and process driven search methodology that is efficient and flexible in responding to the needs of our partners. The quality and the speed of the process are the two key parameters for our search. Complete control over the entire process helps us in delivering quality in quantity, even on short notice. Combining this with our passionate company culture focused on building deep and long lasting relationships is what makes us truly unique.

Elements HR Services is one of the renowned & leading recruitment and executive search firm that understands the intricacies of human resource management. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals adhering to the quality and time management. We seek to establish a lasting relationship between the employer and the job seeker.

EHRS helps various fortune 500 companies in filling their talent pool, ensuring that they rise to their potential and maintain their level of expertise.

We are dedicated to matching the organization's requirements and opportunities with the skills and aspirations of the individual. We endeavor to place professionals in appropriate organizations that offer the suitable career development opportunities.

Trying to become one of the leading staffing organizations, we are working along with the teams of consultants specializing in a wide range of disciplines. We believe this is the best approach to deliver effective recruitment services and we achieve this in two ways:


Our Approach Towards The Completion Of Our Goals

Dedicated recruiters and trainers who are trained and knowledgeable in the skill sector that they serve.

Recruitment and selection methodologies which have been designed specifically for each skill.

We value quality and professional commitments to our clients

We maintain a large databank of individuals and their qualifications, experience, expectations and ambitions. Organizations may communicate their requirements to us. We analyze each requirement and locate candidates even before the advertisement process. Our services include placement through databank, advertisement process, headhunting and selection. We specialize in placing the right candidate in the right organization, at the right place in the world.

Everyday Elements is trying to proactively expand its local, regional and global database using the Internet, strategic alliances, a network of sub-vendors, job fairs, specialist magazines and referrals. This enables our consultants to identify suitable candidates quickly in response to your requirements.

In India, among the many challenges facing by service industry, Elements can help in transforming people issues into a competitive weapon for your business. Elements is looking forward to specialise in the fulfilling the manpower need of service industry. We know the trends and can work with you as a partner providing advice on recruitment solutions and execution both locally and regionally.

We are able to source for the best candidates for your company. This means that there will be an increased profitability from shorter training time, a lower attrition rate and an enhanced productivity.


What We Do

  • Executive Search
  • Talent Analytics
  • Start Up Boot
  • Campus Connects
  • Talent Mapping
  • Recruitment Process Management

How We Do

We Are The Bridge Builders
Our highly experienced consultants are dedicated to bridge the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals adhering to the quality and time management.

We Deliver Quality And Speed
we use an extremely systematic and process driven search methodology that is efficient and flexible in responding to the needs of our partners.

Our Passion In Building Relation-Ships
We are a people business so we're passionate about creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with.

For Whom We Do

We are successfully and efficiently working with our clients and satisfying their manpower needs with best of our services. Our exclusive services and strategies are best suited to their requirements and helped them to explore and expand their business empire. The services offer by us provides them an extra edge over their competitors and help them to stand firmly in this cutthroat competitive environment with best of our manpower.

Values - Elements

  • Unparalleled Client Satisfaction - We value our clients, understand their business, and pledge our commitment to contribute to their success and satisfaction. It is of utmost importance to us that your experience with us is satisfactory in every respect and we as a team take pleasure in providing noteworthy service to our clients.
  • Teamwork - The best solutions come from working together with colleagues and clients. While doing what we do, that is, building bridges between recruiters and talented candidates, we work as a well oiled machine treating candidates and clients as limbs of our very own team.
  • Diversity - We value the unique combination of qualities and contributions that each individual brings to the workplace. Men, women, people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, are all welcome and are treated with equal respect and regard. We ensure that our employees bring in a mix of varied experiences bringing in different perspectives and we consider that to be one of our key stepping stones towards success.
  • Integrity - We act fairly, ethically and openly in all we do. Our fundamental principles and practices are the same for everyone. We keep it honest in here. We guide and train everyone in an effort to reap the best results for them, but have no say in the hiring process, reinforcing our unbiased nature of working.
  • Stewardship - We are passionate about leaving things better than we found them. This includes our candidates and clients. We are pleased to train possible candidates to hone their pre-existing skills and equip them with new ones and we provide our clients the chance to recruit these well trained and talented individuals, to enhance their overall company performance and status.
  • Meet our people - Everyone at Elements has a story and each story helps define our culture - making it a unique place to work. We assure you that you’ll love it in here. The people here at friendly and will engage you in an interesting and fun conversation whenever there is a chance up for grabs.
  • A will to win - We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business. We are constantly working at outsmarting our competitors by competing with our previous best and equipping ourselves with the need of the hour. We like to stay ahead of the industry, in turn ensuring that our candidates and clients get the best of the recruitment and HR world.

Awards & Certificates

  • Recognized as the Lead Contributor in 2005 by EXL Services for consistent contribution towards EXL agent level hiring, at Noida.
  • Certificate for appreciation was awarded to us for significant contribution in 2009-2010 by Barclays Shared Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Recognize as the highest contributor for Front-Line hiring at Gurgaon in 2009 by Bank of America.
  • EXL Services awarded us with an appreciation certificate for our efforts and contribution.
  • Convergys recognized us as their preferred recruitment partner.
  • Convergys recognized us for our long-standing partnership with them.
  • Convergys recognized as “Silver Recruitment Partner” for our continuous excellence in recruitment.
  • Bank of America awarded us with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of us being the highest contributor in the year of 2009 for Gurgaon in Front-line hiring.
  • Accenture awa rds - Awarded for being the Best support for Walk-in drives in 2013 for Noida-BPO voice.
  • Accenture awards - Highest on boards in FY13
  • Accenture awards - Second best support for Niche Skills in FY 13
  • Accenture awards - Upcoming agency FY14
  • Accenture- best walk in drives (Noida- Voice) - Fiscal Year 2013.
  • Barclays Certificates of appreciation FY 2016 awarded to the hiring team of Elements.


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  • 011- 41036660, 47075709