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Get closer to your career goals

Get closer to your career goals

01 May 2019

 We all dream of getting ahead in our lives. Whether its a personal or a professional journey, moving up is exciting — it’s a sign that you’re doing well and are on track to do even better. After recognizing the big goals, comes the question of how to get there. How can you make those advancements happen?

The good news? It all starts with setting of goals.
Achieving those big, sweeping goals is really all about taking small, manageable steps forward. In that spirit, here are five actionable things you can do—starting today—to point yourself in the directions of your dreams no matter what (or how big) they are.
1.    Ask yourself the question- Where do you want to reach? Are you ready to hustle for a year or more until you reach the next level? Are you ready to handle the added responsibilities? Ask yourself the right question to know what journey you are planning to embark upon.
2.    A role model or an inspiration that you look up to – A role model is someone who will provide you inspiration and is a key motivator on the journey. Understanding how they reached where they are today will give you a starting point for today & their paths can give you an idea of where to go next.
3.    Find a mentor – Mentors can be instrumental in teaching you new skills. They help you fast track your career and bring in the support required to rise in the industry. Get yourself under their radar and get easy information access about the necessities of the relevant trade.
4.    Set the pace & work it (momentum) - Achieving career goals isn’t a sprint. It’s always a marathon. Pace yourself and don’t get distracted from doing the simple things right. Stick protectively to your big plan and work at making good even better.
5.    Strive for excellence in all your endeavors - Mediocre work and results tend to de-motivate one and break the momentum towards achieving the goals. Going above and beyond to put forth exceptional work will yield excellence in every aspect of your career and life.
Don’t let fear of embarking on a big, scary goal hold you back. We challenge you to take 30 minutes out of your day to take one small step. It may seem like a small, negligible amount of time, but that daily 30 minutes will add up to a huge difference over the course of time!

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