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LEADERSHIP in world of  Jeff Bezos & Steve Jobs

LEADERSHIP in world of Jeff Bezos & Steve Jobs

29 Apr 2019
Organizations that recognize that the best ideas can originate from anywhere and anyone--regardless of role or position--empower people to challenge leadership and bring their best ideas to the table. Two of the greatest leaders, the world has ever seen –
Steve Jobs & Jeff Bezos provide a different outlook for leaders to pursue.
The two business giants of our generation have some things in common, something they follow every day at work. According to them, the best leaders want to be challenged and proved wrong by others; because that ensures that the best ideas will rise to the surface. It is hard to argue with their methodologies after reviewing their growth. Here are a few strategies that such leaders have been following which can help others too.
-- Spotlighting & Identifying Other People's Ideas
By stirring open ended questions & discussions, unidentified solutions can bring to surface all the possibilities that one never knew existed. Keeping the momentum going by giving due credit to team members who have identified solutions to problems.
-- Dialogue At The End
With a given space, people tend to open up and share their thoughts, making an ideal atmosphere for brainstorming. It's amazing what you can learn when you take the time to sit back and listen. It will benefit by speaking at last and letting your team members analyze the situation first.
-- Make Others Challenge The Different Point of Views
Leaders usually make an environment moving in the right direction that helps getting things done right. By making a culture for your team to put their best foot forward and challenging the current practice, it helps to increase employee involvement. Accept good ideas and bad ideas as equally valid contributions to the process and be sure to thank people for their candor.
-- Reward Outcomes Over Hard Work
Don’t reward a person just because of the time devoted to one activity. While determination is a key for success but rapid & efficient results need to be recognized. Value outputs over the inputs.
The bottom line is ‘we’ as leaders have to encourage our teams to prove us wrong and develop something more groundbreaking. Since two of the smartest, most strategic leaders in the past 100 years were happy to be proved wrong, I think we all need to ask ourselves--in both our personal and professional lives: Do I want to be right? Or do I want to get it right?

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