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EHRS is today a known leading executive search firm and has helped various fortune 500 companies in filling their talent pool, ensuring that they rise to their optimum potential and maintain their level of expertise. EHRS has been excelling in the area of talent acquisition across all industry verticals, be it Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Technology, Human Resource, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Market Research, ITES and many more. The accolades that EHRS has earned are through hard work, dedication and strong networking. As the old saying goes, “Your network is your net worth. None, who has achieved anything great, has done it all alone”.

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Elements Hr Services Proud To Present Her-Colleagues

Elements Hr Services is one of the renowned & leading recruitment and executive search firm that understands the intricacies of human resource management. Elements Hr Services has expertise in Executive Search, Talent Analytic, Start up Boot, Campus Connects, Talent Mapping, Permanent & Contractual staffing and Recruitment Process Management. We wanted to build on our success and are immensely excited and proud to initiate Her-Colleagues a step that is going to define and provide equal opportunity for women.

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LEADERSHIP in world of Jeff Bezos & Steve Jobs

Organizations that recognize that the best ideas can originate from anywhere and anyone--regardless of role or position--empower people to challenge leadership and bring their best ideas to the table. Two of the greatest leaders, the world has ever seen –

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How to fall in love with your job, once more?

You feel listless and disengaged, after years of being in a love relationship with your job or organization. So, how do you bring back the mojo and reset to the time when you were most excited with your job?

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Get closer to your career goals

We all dream of getting ahead in our lives. Whether its a personal or a professional journey, moving up is exciting — it’s a sign that you’re doing well and are on track to do even better. After recognizing the big goals, comes the question of how to get there. How can you make those advancements happen? The good news? It all starts with setting of goals.

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E-vehicle industry can create 10 Mn jobs: Report

An additional 65 million job creation is estimated under the Automotive Mission plan 2026.

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India’s workforce equality has a long way to go

Recent report found by World economic forum (WEF) has ranked India 108th out of 187th in the gender gap index as it ranks 142nd out of 149 countries in the economic opportunity and participation. In a report published last year from McKinsey & Company it was discovered that only about 25 per cent of India’s workforce is female. It breaks my heart to go through such stats & has urged me to put down my thoughts.

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Minefields that can blow up an appraisal conversation

Managers need to be conscious of what can blow-up an appraisal conversation for them.

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10 things you must write in your resume

Choosing the right font to quantifying your achievements -- here are some of the do's and don'ts of what you should write on your CV

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Building a codified culture to deliver new-age employee experience

The workplace is going through an apparent transformation that puts talent and more importantly, an employee's happiness and well-being at the center of it.

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Measuring impact

What performance management trends can we see organizations adopting for a workforce that comprises of a mix of regular employees and gig workers?

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Here’s how augmented talent management will change HR

HR professionals will need to make the most of modern technology to enhance employee experience.

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